How to Promote Your Music On TikTok – 5 Tips

Today TikTok has become a unique social network in its own right.

Tiktok is a social network for sharing videos! TikTok is the latest trendy social media, which allows you to increase your notoriety and visibility. Extremely powerful and with more than 1.7 billion users, Tiktok is to be taken into consideration in its music promotion strategy.  Some people still don’t use it yet, but it is certainly one of the tools to use. If you are a musician, TikTok should be your priority when it comes to promoting your work. This article will show you how to use TikTok to promote your music.


1.Cross-promote your content on other social media platforms

In addition to posting your content on TikTok, you should also promote it on your other social media profiles. To do this, use hashtags specific to TikTok and other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, cross-posting content from your other accounts to different channels is a good idea if you want to increase the reach of your music videos.

If you’re not familiar with using TikTok, you can redirect to professional sites that will help you with this. is a site that allows you to promote your music. It makes the link between the artist and the influencers on the social networks.

2. Collaborate with other users TikTok of the application

Collaborating with other users of the app is a great way to gain visibility, as you will be featured alongside a much larger audience. Collaborate with people who have a large audience for sure, but make sure it’s someone you’d like to work with. For example, if your music is rock and roll and theirs is hip hop, the collaboration won’t be good. Find people who share similar musical tastes so that your collaboration will result in something great! Collaboration may seem intimidating at first, as it requires you to gain followers through collaborations (as opposed to just uploading your own videos), but once you get used to it, collaboration will become second nature to you.

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3. Get TikTok personalities to share your work

The best way to get TikTok personalities to share your work is to create a video and share it with them. You can ask them to share the video or appear in your video, play a role, give you feedback, etc. You can also make a list of all known users who match your musical genre in order to contact them more easily and quickly. 

In this article, Top 10 Most Streamed Artists & Songs Ever On Spotify, you can find a list of influential personalities to follow on Instagram as well as on TikTok

4. Don't overlook the use of Hashtags

When you submit a music on your Tik Tok to promote it, you should first do a whole research on Hashtags. First, you need to research the trending hashtags on TikTok and the most popular ones. Secondly, you need to do a study on the content of your hashtags in order to be in the same editorial line. Hashtags are really important to promote a music.

5. Do not get discouraged!

To gain visibility on Tik Tok, it takes time and rigor. If you post every week and follow the different rules above with time you will succeed in promoting your music.

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world, so if you want to get your name out there and grow your audience, this is the way to do it! By promoting your music on TikTok, you can gain visibility and have more fans following everything in their lives.

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We hope this article has helped you learn how to promote your music on TikTok!