How To Start Your Music Career in 2023 – 5 Tips To Start

It's time to start your music career in 2023. In this article, find 5 tips to start correctly!

2023 is almost here, and the music industry is more powerful than ever. With so many success stories, as well as the rise of independent artists, more and more individuals feel inspired and motivated to do the same. In this article, we’ll explain 5 tips to start your music career in 2023, how to promote your music and share it with the most relevant audience.

👇5 Tips To Start Your Career

1. Define your brand image

Branding is an essential element in the world of music, and in general. Before even contacting labels, radios, blogs or playlists, you need to work on your image, which will guarantee you a certain level of professionalism. Once your brand image is defined, it’ll help you to create your own community, and catch the eye of various people in the music industry. First impressions are extremely important, therefore your brand should contain: a professional logo, press shots and why not even a video of you.

2. Establish a content strategy

Now that your brand image is defined, it’s also important to establish a social media content strategy for start your music career: in fact, being active on social media on a daily basis will help you build a more consistent, anchored online presence. To do this, it’s interesting to list all types of content that you would potentially like to share on your socials: photos, backstage photos/videos, teasers, music lyrics, etc…

Having a robust content strategy will allow your audience, as well as the media and blogs you contact, to better understand who you are, and what you do.

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3. Define your ideal audience

Another important step before sharing your music is to define your ideal audience, which will enable you to create and develop your entire communication strategy. By defining that audience, you’ll be more aware on which social media your target is located, which marketing tactics work best, etc…

A key element in defining your ideal audience is to monitor and analyze your competitors (i.e. artists in the same musical field/style/genre as you), study the behavior of their fans and analyze the relationship artists have with their audience.

4. Select the right media

After having established your online presence as well as your ideal audience, it’s time to move on to promoting your music. In fact, adopting a 360º promotional strategy is extremely helpful for your music career, and can be achieved by contacting industry professionals to get media coverage: blogs, magazines, radios, etc… no media should be neglected and/or left out. However, it’s important to remember to choose the media most compatible with your music: for example if you make folk music, it won’t be very helpful to contact a media specialized in electronic music. Therefore, it’s helpful to create a funnel list of all the media you’d like to contact, starting from the most generalist media towards the most specialized ones. By doing so you’ll save a lot of time, and have a better understanding of who your corresponding media are. 

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5. Share your music efficiently

The final step, after identifying the media that best match your music, is to contact them. There are multiple ways to contact blogs, playlists, curators, etc… such as email for example: although this technique can be very profitable, it can also be long, tedious, and time-consuming. On the other hand, there are other methods to contact the media, such as Listn . Our platform allows you to send your music in a few minutes to both general and specialized media, therefore helping you get the most press coverage and support.

Starting a musical career can be a stressful step, that’s for sure. However, by following these steps and being 100% prepared, there is no reason for your music promotion not to work. In support, you can rely on platforms such as Listn , as it will allow you to more easily target the media you contact and thus at the same time launch your music career more easily.