Pandar Return With Summer Anthem ‘Never Felt (Your Love)’

Based in the South of England, DJ & Producer Dan Parsons AKA Pandar has been crafting some of the most exciting and energetic new House, providing a soundtrack to the dancefloors and festivals of summer 2021. Since starting his journey in 2015, the young prodigy has built a following for his sound worldwide and garnered attention from some of the industry’s biggest names.

The multi-talented producer released a new Summer track, ‘Never Felt (Your Love)’ on August, 5th for our greatest pleasure.

Listen 'Never Felt (Your Love)' :

“Never Felt” is a funky and fresh energetic Dance track with a twist. The song begins with airy vocals and a dreamy atmosphere, swiftly contrasted by the punchy beats that kick in just as the track builds up and releases into a groovy chorus. The artist’s love for Disco is clearly heard throughout the tune from the funky bassline to the smooth strings and driving percussions. 

The track creates beautiful nuances as well, going from a driving chorus and descending into a dreamy and airy second half before kicking right back up, which gives an almost nostalgic feeling, and emits a vibe of a summer vacation evening full of lasting memories.

A beautifully-made song by a talented and passionate artist, “Never Felt” is an emotional journey full of passion, good vibes, and summer nostalgia. Definitely worth a listen.

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