44 Ardent Drops Long Awaited Atmospheric EP ‘intothedeep’

After months of teasing, Australian producer 44 Ardent is ready to unveil his new EP ‘intothedeeep’.

The producer made a very generous seven-track collection of chilled/atmospheric lo-fi house music. The EP was inspired by his own overwhelming feelings on climate change and habitat loss, with an overall objective of creating music that makes people feel something.

Sidekick Music got the chance to premiere the EP a few days before its release.

Listen to the full EP 'intothedeep' :

44 Ardent says about the EP:

“Making music that makes me (and hopefully others) feel something is always the main priority. Although I had a theme in the back of my mind while I was working, I tried not to be too confined toany one idea.”

He then adds:

“This EP was intended to take the listener on a journey. It’s hard to pin down genre-wise. There are lots of styles and moods mixed in. It’s definitely electronic music at its core though, and I like that there is so much variety. As an artist I don’t necessarily feel that I have to fall into a particular box. Ultimately, I’m going to make songs that I resonate with. I think if you do that, then others will resonate with it too. I hope you enjoy them!”

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