Rayowa Unveil Groove Infused Debut Single ‘Better Man’

Rayowa are a band of three brothers, Dan, Reece and Luke who all share a love of soul, funk and pop music. Their sound is classic and contemporary: mixing the crystal-clear falsetto and chiming guitars of disco with slick production and effortless charisma. In a previous guise the band gained praise from the ultimate hitmaker, Nile Rodgers

‘Better Man’ is their first bold step into the world: a song that manages to create the bittersweet mood of true disco classics. Beneath the upbeat instrumentation and powerful backing vocals lies lyricism that is rooted in themes of self-improvement.

Listen 'Better Man' :

Going deeper into the track, the band say:

“Better Man' is about being faced with a situation that you have no control over. It’s about the fear of change and being forced to take the positives from a bad time which allows you to grow and become a better person.”

Rayowa have performed their first show at London’s Moth Club on 29th October, bringing a 8-piece band with them to kick off their live performances in spectacular style. The show was rapidly sold out! But now, stay tuned for more news from Rayowa.

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