What is Common Between Kpop and Electronic Music?

Different music experts have different schools of thought about music. Some say there are more than 1,300 music genres available. Others say there are forty-one main genres and 337 sub-genres. These differences come due to the way instruments in a genre are played. They also measure the way voices are arranged in each genre. 


For example, K-pop and electronic music have many similarities and differences. Each genre evolved from a different continent. K-pop is from the East, while electronic music is from the West and Europe. These are the main similarities between the two genres. 

What is Common Between Kpop and Electronic Music

They are popular cultures among the youth

The first generation of true K-pop began in the 1990s. It was started by a group of young artists who took the genre to a higher level. By 1997, the song Candy was a hit both in the East and the West. The second generation rose between 2000 to 2010. The most popular band/hits then were Groove OverDose. Others like Super Junior and BigBang followed shortly. 


A student can listen to music while studying regardless of the genre. Although electronic music is older than K-pop, the genre is popular among young people. They love the rhythm and its dance style. The music is popular in clubs, colleges, and every place where young people are. Both K-pop and electronic dance culture are deep-rooted in the youth. 

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Both are electronically produced

Many people confuse electronic music as the only genre that is produced electronically. It is true that its production is done through electronic processing. It’s recorded and edited on tape. Almost every genre is produced this way nowadays. 


However, they do not all qualify to be called electronic music. It depends on what they prefer to listen to. K-pop production is done electronically. Although the artist has to compose the lyrics, the rest of the process focuses more on electronic devices. 

They mix multiple cultures and genres

Both electronic dance and K-pop were started by young people. They were tired of the ordinary and wanted something new. They wanted to express themselves through music. At first, both genres were considered underground. The artists didn’t release their songs to the public immediately. They would perform to small audiences one at a time. 


It was just a matter of time before people learned about the genre. Since both genres were produced by young people, they became hits fast. Both genres have heavily borrowed from other genres. The two have a mix of pop, hip-hop, techno, house, and dubstep. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between pop and K-pop dance or electronic and techno dance.


Both are popular around the world

K-pop is known to be full of energy and fun. It includes colorful aesthetics and vigorous dance. On the other hand, electronic dance is fast. Its tempo achieves 128 beats per minute. This tempo is fast enough to keep dancers on their toes. 

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There are many popular K-pop bands. BTS reigned as a popular brand for many years. Their album of eight songs became a hit in over 100 countries. They received a large viewership online. K-pop became known in the US as ‘Hallyou.’ It means to wave in Korean. It is popular in every continent globally. Its popularity spreads from Korea to India, Australia, the UK, and the US. 


Electronic bands like the Depeche Mode, New Order, and Enigma are popular too. They became popular around the world. A band like Enigma was voted best new age artist. Its influence in the new age made the genre popular on every continent. 


In the entire world, there are more than 1,300 music genres. Music experts have compacted all genres into 41 main genres. What makes the difference is the rhythm and lyric composition. One of the main genres is electronic music and K-pop. They have many similarities, like promoting youth culture. Both genres are popular on every continent. Their composers have borrowed ideas from other genres. Each has traces of pop, house, hip-hop, techno, and dubstep. 

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