Tally Schwenk & Mensing Release Powerful Electro-Pop Gem ‘Mars’ On Earth-Day

The heartfelt appeal of a singer who doesn’t want to “live on Mars”.

This electro-pop gem tells the story of the consequences that will inevitably follow our actions (and inactivity) towards our planet. Supported by US NGO Climate Power & international environmental network Friends of the Earth, “Mars” released on Earth Day together with a powerful & emotional music video.

Tally’s songwriting (she’s written for J.Lo & Tank and the Bangas) shines on top of Mensing’s captivating production.

Watch 'Mars' :

Taaly Schwenk says about the track : 

“Mars” was influenced by climate change. The world is changing before our eyes, and I’ve realized that material things and petty arguments are not worth it. It calls on listeners to wake up and start caring about the world, because the only way to rectify the damage is to work together.”

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