Gouldian Finch & Marius D. Hagen Unite for ‘Like A Magnet’

Martin Horntveth, celebrated for his contributions to bands like Jaga Jazzist and The National Bank, has unveiled his debut solo project, adopting the persona of Gouldian Finch. This milestone introduces a fresh dimension to his musical journey. His latest creation, ‘Like A Magnet’, a tranquil house track featuring Marius D. Hagen of Team Me, exudes the charm of 2000s house music with infectious melodies and innovative vocal effects, seamlessly blending male and female vocals to weave a dreamlike atmosphere. The accompanying remixes, crafted by Burnt Friedman and Jamie Lidell, open new sonic vistas, with Friedman introducing a pulsating synth and piano, while Lidell’s “Gouldamadin” remix enchants with elegant string arrangements and intriguing chord progressions.

Listen to 'Like a Magnet' here:

Martin Horntveth is renowned as one of the co-founders of the globally celebrated band JagaJazzist and for his involvement in the pop sensation, The National Bank. Moreover, he has lent his production expertise to a diverse range of artists, including DumdumBoys, deLillos, Malin Pettersen, Jim Stärk and Wizrd, among others. Additionally, his impressive track record extends to composing and producing music for television series such as “Himmelblå”, “Estonia”, “Mammon” and “Twin”, as well as notable contributions to the film industry. This includes “For vi er gutta” and the Oscar-nominated documentary, “Do Not Split.”

Martin says, “Marius (Team Me) and I go way back. Ever since their first release, we’ve been in touch and have built something that has resulted in several collaborations and a strong friendship.

“Marius was at the top of my list when I was looking for vocals, but more importantly as a composer and lyricist. The only reference I gave him was Daft Punk’s ‘Instant Crush ft. JulianCasablancas,’ where two very different musical expressions come together. Marius took on the challenge with open arms, and I am incredibly happy with the results.”

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Marius D. Hagen, who is also very satisfied with collaboration, says, “The lyrics are about creating new pathways in the brain out of sheer desperation in the face of all the negative things happening in the world. But also, like a magnet to the negative.This is one of the very few songwriting collaborations I have ever done. The process flows seamlessly, with ideas coming naturally on their own. I responded directly to Martin’s music and never had to over-analyse. Always a good sign!” 

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