Trio Mirage Club Back With Dazzling ‘Communication’ EP

Having piqued our curiosity with critically-acclaimed singles ‘Communication’, ‘Tropical Z’ and ‘Horizontal’, it’s now time for French Electro-Pop trio Mirage Club to disclose ‘Communication’ EP.

An eclectic mix of Indie Pop, Funk or New Wave, this new EP is a true demonstration of Mirage Club’s scope of talent. Starting with the eponymous lead-single – premiered on Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 radio-show – the France-based collective brings us back in the 80s with a blissed-out synth treat (also served up with its music video), while the unheard track ‘Cream’ offers a magnificent slow-tempo journey. Completing brilliantly the EP, ‘Tropical Z’ and ‘Horizontal’ combine wistful melodies, mixing electronic synths and raw bass line a la Tame Impala or Phoenix.

Listen 'Communication' EP :

‘’Mirage Club was chosen to reflect something quite indefinable / imprecise (which we thought our music was, in terms of not easily classifiable)” explain Pierre, Maxime and Raphaël. With this ‘Communication’ EP as the culminating effort of the trio’s breakthrough, and the flawless expression of their talent, there are no doubts that Mirage Club is a band to keep a close eye on.

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