French Trio Mirage Club Breaks Silence With ‘Tropical Z’

French trio Mirage Club haven’t said their last word this year. Following the critically-acclaimed ‘Communication’ released a few months ago, they now return with a sumptuous single named “Tropical Z”, that comes as a foretaste of their upcoming EP.

Listen 'Tropical Z' :

Mixing influences from Phoenix or Daft Punk, the France-based collective, consisting of Pierre Stevens, Maxime Runtz and Raphaël Le Garreres, brings summer back with retro 90s synths, playful new wave melodies and unique funky guitar riffs. The band’s DIY approach and individual musical studies inspired them to combine that raw, raucous party feel, with the slick and groove based musicianship of their heroes, creating the ultimate Mirage Club experience. They explain:

‘’Mirage club was chosen to reflect something quite indefinable / imprecise (which we thought our music was, in terms of not easily classifiable). Music has always offered itself as a window to freedom and satisfaction and Tropical Z does just that.”

This one is no exception to the Mirage Club’s win-win formula, and will be certainly stuck in your head for a long time. Be sure to stay connected to know more about what’s coming from the trio.. there may be some surprises!

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