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“Your music success starts now”, here’s the motto of Boost Collective. Designed for modern independent musicians, singers, producers and more, the platform offers everything an artist needs, from media/playlist promotion to mastering or graphic creations. And the whole in one place.

To know a bit more about Boost Collective and their services, we had the chance to meet the team for some questions. All is just behind!

Hey guys, welcome on Sidekick! Well, let’s start about Boost Collective, can you tell us a bit more? 

Our mission is to disrupt the music industry by providing music artists with the help to make them shine. Being a music artist these days requires a lot of time spent on things other than making music, so our purpose is to help artists save time and focus on making music. Cover art creation, Spotify playlisting, audio mastering, etc. are just a few of the mighty tasks we do for up-and-coming underground artists. 

Amazing! Where did this idea come from? 

Good question. This idea came years ago as we were hungry artists looking for a way to get help. We started out offering Soundcloud promotion, and slowly built up clientele. Over the years, we saw that there was demand for DIY everything for music artists. We saw that artists would pay for audio engineers, graphic designers, and more to ensure their music career would take off, and most music artists don’t have that much cash to throw around. We figured there’s a need for better services thus we pulled up the sleeves and got building. Now here we are! 

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The Music Industry seems almost saturated, it’s now a struggle for independent artists to build their career, their image, and stand out. What do you reckon are good tips to make it? 

I would say it’s only pseudo-saturated. So many artists are fighting for a piece of the music industry pie. But why do few achieve this feat? I would say this is because most artists have no fanbase at all. My advice for new artists is to optimize toward a bigger fanbase and forget about streaming numbers in the beginning – your fans are your customers. Build them before selling. Focusing on building a strong base of ‘believers’ – people that go out of their way to support you, is how you begin building momentum, not spamming your Soundcloud link everywhere you go. 

The platform appears like a land of opportunities! How can one access your services? 

It’s almost a little too easy! We don’t have any complex system or anything, all you need to do to access our services is: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Select a service you want 
  3. Purchase boost credits for that service 
  4. Enjoy! 

Even a trained monkey could do it so I encourage everyone to give it a go. (Edit: we did not train a monkey to test it, that would be pretty badass though).

You’ve just launched your Spotify playlist feature recently. How do you link artists with playlists curators? 

Ah, yes. Spotify playlists are amazing artists for artists, assuming an artist can even get on it. It’s competitive, no artist looks forward to emailing them one-by-one without knowing even the chances of getting one. For this reason, we created a database with our playlist network, all artists need to do is select a playlist they want to get featured on and use Boost Collective credits to get their guaranteed feature. It’s this easy. If they don’t get on the playlist, we send the credits back so they can try again on other playlists or use on any other service without any loss. 

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Artists actually tend to use various promotion tools to pitch playlist curators. What makes Boost Collective special? 

We work hard to build connections with playlist curators so any artist using Boost Collective can pick any playlist they like and get featured within a week. We put an emphasis on transparency – as an artist, you know exactly what playlist you’re getting on, and what results you’ll get, rather than spending money on things that don’t guarantee results. A song’s success isn’t only in playlisting though! It’s also the cover art, audio quality, content promotion, etc. We take care of that as well so all your bases are covered when using Boost Collective. Our system is frictionless, just select it and begone. We take care of the rest. 

There are no doubts that Boost Collective is (already) a comprehensive one. But what can we expect from you in 2021? 

You can expect a lot of big things! Boost Collective does a lot in the marketing space however we’re slowly getting ready to launch tech-based products that boost the results of music artists. 

You can expect all our existing services to get better, and brand new ones are in the works – there’s a lot to look forward too 😉 

Last but not least: if you have to describe Boost Collective in one word, which one would it be? 

Alright, one word to sum us up is… I would say, “Boost”. Every decision we make is all for the purpose of giving the artist the furthest possible boost toward success, sometimes even at the cost of margins. ‘Boosting’ the music artist further is what we’re all about! It’s our founding principle and one that is here to stay.

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