Q&A: Gilligan Moss Discuss New Single ‘Ferris Wheel’

Chicago artists Gilligan Moss have recently joined forces with Swedish DJ and producer duo Rebecca & Fiona on a stunning Indie Pop track named ‘Ferris Wheel’ – or the result of two very talented musical duos, who also four friends, collaborating to create magic to our ears.

Listen 'Ferris Wheel' :

Channelling a wistful, end-of-summer vibe, the track is centered around tropical percussion, driving kick drums and the alluring vocals of Rebecca & Fiona – a warm track while also a bit bittersweet looking back on the last few months of unprecedented times.

To know a bit more about what’s behind the track, we had a nice chat with Gilligan Moss’ guys, to discuss music and much more. Check it out!

Hey guys, such a pleasure to have you! So, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

We are Ben and Evan!! We are childhood friends, collaborators, and BUSINESS partners. We are born and raised Chicagoans who currently live in NYC.

We’ve just picked your last treat ‘Ferris Wheel’! Could you share an anecdote about this one?

We made the initial idea pretty quickly – Ben came over to my apartment on a summer afternoon, and we knocked out the beat, bassline, and hook in a couple hours. It then sat on the shelf for over a year. I was pretty hesitant to keep working on it, but Ben made a big stink and insisted that we push it into a proper song. We spent some time cleaning it up and sent it to our friends Rebecca and Fiona. They knocked out the vocals over the course of a couple sessions and the whole song came together pretty quickly. Bless Ben, because this song would have for sure never seen the light of day if he didn’t take it under his wing and push it into the light of day.

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Gilligan Moss Press Photo 2020

You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

Definitely – one thing we’ve learned over the past few years as we’ve become ~seasoned vets~ is to stop worrying so much about where a song fits, how it relates to what we’ve done in the past, etc. Our favorite artists have a foot in many different genres and scenes – that’s what we’re always striving for. We don’t listen to one genre as music fans, so our goal is to make music that is similarly diverse.

Now that you have unveiled this single, what is in store now for Gilligan Moss fans?

More new music! We’re aiming to release new singles and remixes every few weeks for the foreseeable future. Lots of great Gilly stuff on the way.

Finally, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

Records that are being rinsed thoroughly in the GM universe:

  1. Andras – Joyful (We are eternally suckers for some wistful 303 tunes. Been loving this one for a good chunk of the year).
  2. Jim-E Stack – Ephemera (we’ve been big Jim-E fans for a while, and his new record is a pretty great distillation of what he’s all about)
  3. Pusha T – Daytona (Just revisiting this the past few weeks, really think it goes down as one of the best albums of the decade tbh)
  4. Patricia – MaxyBoy (warm bubblin’ techno tunes from a chicago friend. Really hits the early morning spot & the mid-day slump.) 
  5. Baird- BIRDSONGS, Vol. 2. (Found this guy recently and loving his mix of classical guitar, r&b energy and Frank-esque voice.) 
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