Rising Talent Tilly Valentine Offers Immersive Debut EP

British artist, Tilly Valentine finally released her debut (and long-awaited) EP, ‘Nothing Left to Say’. To know a bit more about her, she has been described as “the type of quirky you can pair with a coffee or a party” and “one of the revolutions of music this year” after the run of her self-released singles.

The narrative of ‘Nothing Left to Say’ is immersed with a sense of honesty and closure. Electronic yet emotive soundscapes play on the topic of letting go to embrace the new. Valentine says, “‘Nothing Left to Say’ is a collection of my experiences, it summarises how circumstances changed me and influenced my writing over the years this EP was created. The artwork represents how a picture speaks louder than words, how expressing feelings through song is its own remedy”.

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The first unheard track ‘Pirouettes’ carries the softness of ballerina-like piano parts, contrasted with hard-hitting conversational lyrics. Valentine shares the inspiration behind the Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop track; “I wrote ‘Pirouettes’ about all the things people said to try and make me feel better when I was going through a break up. Sometimes when you’re in that place, any help or advice can feel hard to accept”.

She effortlessly reveals her trademark Jazz influences, teasing scat ideas through an elegant vocal, complementing the retro blend of Pop and Soul heard in the opening number and focus track, ‘Fit for a King’ – having received an impressive support. And a brand new stripped back rendition, featuring four silky backing vocalists, was recorded from home as a ‘lockdown live lounge’, seamlessly concluding the EP.

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Well, to sum up, this debut EP suggests Valentine’s artistry may soon be moving to the next exciting musical chapter, as all is said and done with ‘Nothing Left to Say’.

Tilly Valentine - Long Photo

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