Route 94 & L Devine Give Catchy Club Jam ‘Sad Songs’

Chart-topping DJ and producer Route 94 unveiled his first release of the new decade, joining forces with future alt-pop icon L Devine on new single ‘Sad Songs’.

An energetic, emotion-tinged club jam, ‘Sad Songs’ combines L Devine’s pitch-perfect vocals with euphoric piano chords and a rousing bassline.

“Sad Songs is a story about the highs and lows of love and the human need for escapism that comes with these emotions”, Route 94 explains. With this record I felt it was time to follow up ‘My Love’ properly and I am blessed to present Sad Songs”.

Listen 'Sad Songs (feat. L Devine)' :

Speaking about the single, L Devine also says: “Sad Songs is a perfect breakup anthem. For me, it embodies the stage of heartbreak where nothing could possibly hurt more – so much so, that you feel free and completely let go of your inhibitions. As a teenager, my first nights out in clubs were soundtracked by Route 94 so it feels so good to be able to collaborate with him on this record”.

An infectious slice of club energy, ‘Sad Songs’ sees Route 94 and L Devine bring some emotion onto the dance floor!

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