Premiere: Thomas Nan Gives Disco Tinted ‘Neighborhood’

Thomas Nan ‘s first collaboration with Nicholas Roberts is a fresh one! The Amsterdam based producer and DJ’s first collaboration with the US singer resulted in a blend of pop-dance and disco with a chorus that you just can’t get out of your head. That’s ok though, just dance along!

Listen 'Neighborhood' :

“I bring silly things like polaroids and little trinkets with me whenever I’m traveling to remind me of back home”, Nicholas explains. “Sometimes when I come back, it feels like I have to re-learn how to love. This song is about being back home in between shows and trying your best to keep things going. My partner was traveling a lot when I wrote this song and it felt like the lyrics poured out when I sat down to write it”.

Thomas Nan is pushing forward a unique blend of melodic and uplifting House. 2018 has been an exciting year for the producer, and he never ceases to impress in 2019, releasing 2 songs on Strange Fruits among others. Perfecting his craft in the studio, Thomas is set for a bright future. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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