French Artist Celeno Shares Heavenly Journey Via ‘Us’

Bruno Grégoire’s solo project Celeno is a journey that begun in 2016. The world of electronic music and production came to him in 2008 while listening to Justice‘s first album “†”, a slap, all started here. And more than 10 years later, he delivers his own masterpiece named ‘Us’, a magnificent EP that brings you in an heavenly adventure.

Listen 'Us' EP :

Influenced by the sounds of the 70s & 80s, the Electronic music’s advent with Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis among others, Celeno tells here a real love story, through his debut EP. It was conceived as a 5-tracks mini-album, each corresponding to a specific moment of adventure, to a particular emotion. The sound is deeply organic although electronic. We can find the voice of the multi-talented singer Louve, on ‘Us’ and ‘Voyage’, adding her pure and sensual vocals mixed with both electric and atmospheric sounds. The trip is a balance between joy and melancholy, summed up by Celeno himself as a “love story desguised as a Sci-Fi”.

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