Interview: Black Saint Trio Unveils Great Sun-Soaked EP

Adding to their accolade of smash releases and stellar remixes, British DJ and Producer trio Black Saint followed up in July their summer smash Day Drinking’ with a debut EP ‘Everybody Wants You’.

The unflinching EP (to listen just below) is another set of flavourful floor fillers from the London collective, showcasing Black Saint’s distinctive sonic alchemy, seamlessly interweaving pulsing basslines and vibrant synth melodies. It’s the first release to feature both Justin and Jermaine from the collective on vocal duties, a stellar example of their ability to cross genres, perfectly weaving R&B into dancehall and house, all on one record. Other artists to lend their vocals to the EP include Sam Fischer and RuthAnne.

Lead track ‘Everybody Wants You’ teems with energy, an effortlessly dynamic statement track, whilst ‘Enough’ shows a level of depth and diversity to Black Saint’s palette, effortlessly fusing together old-skool house with the nu-skool. It’s an entirely new body of work featuring dance-hall infused burner ‘Naked’.

Listen 'Everybody Wants You':

To know a bit more about the EP, Sidekick Music had the chance to meet the guys for a few questions, about ‘Everybody Wants You’, future plans, music and more…

Hey guys, thanks for your time! Let’s begin with yourself, can you tell us a bit more about BLACK SAINT?

We’re a music collective based in London… Our music is all about making people dance whilst spreading a good message- Not always easy to do though, as there’s a lot of madness out there right now.

You’ve made a great impression with your ‘Everybody Wants You’ EP! What’s your recipe to cook these treats? Any inspirations?

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No matter what we make, we can’t help but draw from our cultural roots and growing up listening to a lot of Garage, soul, RnB and Hiphop as well as House, is why our music always has a particular swing to it… It’ tends to start around a sick base line and groove and then we craft the rest from that point Once we’re up and dancing in the studio, we know we’re onto something!

Following your inspirations, any artist you would love to work with?

Aaah, how long is a piece of string?! Well right now we’d love to work with Groove Armada, Masters at Work, Khalid, Dave, Kendrick or J Cole would be sick! Lauryn Hill, Anderson Pakk, Son Little, Lee Fields…The list goes on!  We’re also feeling a lot of what Kanye has to say right now… He’s been a big influence on us and where he’s at now with “Jesus Is King” and “Sunday Service”  would make for a sick Black Saint + Kanye Smash!

Now that you have unveiled this EP, what can we expect for the rest of the year? Do you have some secret plans to share with us?

We’ve been busy working away at our new EP…. Depending on how it goes, we might even just drop the full 12 track album… There’e a bigger picture and we are always looking ahead to what we would actually love to perform live… This album promises to be more sincere to what Black Saint is really about as and we’re really excited about how it’s coming together!

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Quick bonus-question, what makes a good party for BLACK SAINT?

Black Saint on the decks, Good people, No Tables, All dance Floor, No phone’s, No distractions, just the moment!

Black Saint Press Photo 2019