IT: Moods Drops ‘Comfortable’ & Stellar Remixes + Video

Rotterdam’s top producer – Moods released his hugely anticipated debut album ‘Zoom Out’ late last year to much fanfare from critics across the blogosphere, worldwide radio stations and press, not to mention his loyal thousands-strong fanbase. It was a stellar record that saw him add to his already impressive list of tastemaker champions and led to collaborations with rap superstar Logic and the first lady of BrainfeederGeorgia Anne Muldrow.

And it’s fair to say that the standout track on it was ‘Comfortable (feat.HIGH HØØPS)’ – posting incredible figures in excess of 7 million streams to date on Spotify amongst a host of support for Moods. Now it gets an extra special full release with a single package featuring the original version, two stellar remixes and an official video.

Dance crew and Boogie Angst label heads Kraak & Smaak contribute their ‘Hangmat remix’ taking the track off in a summery electro funk direction. It’s absolutely stacked full of vibes, channeling the likes of Roy Ayers, Central Line with their instrumentation underneath HIGH HØØPS’ modern and sleek vocal line. Meanwhile fellow Dutch producer Knight One comes correct with a retro inspired rework that boasts a slew of soft synths and some big 80’s guitar moments.

Sidekick Music had to catch up with Nick — aka Moods — to know a bit more about this re-release package, discuss music, secret plans, and many more.

Hey Nick, such a pleasure to have you! So, could you introduce yourself in a few words? 

Thanks for having me guys! 
Alright so, I’m Nick, based in Rotterdam, NL and I love to make music. Been doing that for 16 years now and will probably do so for a very long time.
We’ve just picked your gem ‘Comfortable’ recently, that gets a special re-release with a new video and remixes from Kraak & Smaak and Knight One. Can you tell us a bit more how this came about?
Glad you guys picked it up. It was one of the tracks from my album Zoom Out that went pretty quick in the process. Sometimes things just fall together in the right way. I remember sending a 1 minute demo to HIGH HØØPS and the first demo he sent back with vocals on it hit the spot right away. From there on it was just back ‘n forth till it was done. I always feel like when tracks come together quickly it’s a good sign. It’s more to the point and there is less room for overthinking. 
‘Comfortable’ was the most suitable track from the record for visuals, so that’s when we got in touch with Connor Nestor from He does some amazing visuals and he works with HIGH HØØPS closely, so this was a good opportunity to bring it all together for the video. Big ups to Connor & Jordan and the team for making this happen. Besides the visuals this was also a good moment to have my friends Kraak & Smaak and Knight One remix ‘Comfortable’. Turned out so good and im excited it’s finally out in the world. Go listen & see it.

You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

Yes, i think creating music remains fun if you keep looking for new ways to reinvent yourself. So that why I try to keep the horizons broad when it comes to my approach. It’s good to see how far you can take it creatively without losing the purpose. It leads to interesting idea’s that are very useful eventually. Sometimes I makes the most ridiculous stuff for fun and find something useful in it. There are no rules to this.
Now that you have unveiled this single package and your new remixes for Benny Sings and Tomos, what is in store next for Moods fans? Any new collabs on the horizon?
Oh yea, im always busy. I’ve worked on a real fun remix for David Blazer. That will see daylight soon. 
Besides that I have done a lot of music with my friend Yasper. Hes an amazing guitar player / producer. 
We’re going to release a project in december. More infos about that soon. Just follow my socials 😉
Finally, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now? 
Five records that have been on rotation lately: 
Kraak&Smaak – Pleasure Centre
Berhana – HAN
SiR – Chasing Summer
Mac Ayres – Juicebox
The Kount – Function
Moods Press Photo 2018

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