Q&A: Topic Discusses Smash Hit ‘Why Do You Lie To Me’

Released last August, there are no doubts that ‘Why Do You Lie To Me’ is one of the best dancefloor anthems of the year – and a superb display of Topic’s production abilities.

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Having teamed up with Swedish singer/songwriter A7S on this one, the German/Croatian platinum-selling producer have dropped a true banger under his “melancholic dance music” style, with these inimitable infectious melodies and warm piano chords. And then, the track was followed by a set of Remixes from none others than Keanu Silva and twocolors.

Great news, we had the chance to ask him a few questions about this release – and much more – so take a look just behind!

Hey Tobias, thanks for your time, and welcome on Sidekick! Let’s begin with yourself, can you tell us a bit more about Topic?
I’m born to a Croatian dad and German mom. My family name is actually Topić. That´s where my artist name comes from. As a kid I wanted to become a race driver and actually drove German kart-championships. Then my music teacher introduced me to Logic and that basically took over my life.
You’ve made a great impression with ‘Why Do You Lie To Me’, accompanied by your frequent collaborator A7S. What’s your recipe to cook these treats, any inspirations?
Having a good time! We’d usually be in the studio and it never feels forced or like work.
Also, it just gets its remix by German talent Keanu Silva recently, maybe do you have an anecdote about this track?
About the remix in particular not. But funny anecdote about the song itself. The vocals were recorded in a store room. 
What can we expect from you for the end of the year? Some secret plans to share with us?
Hmm probably no big news this year. I was planning to hit the stages a lot, but we´ll definately catch up on that as soon as possible. But early 2021 will take off with a very cool collab!! 
Quick bonus-question, what makes a good party for Topic?

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