Cerrone’s ‘The Impact’ Gets Neo-Disco Remix By Mercer

Cerrone has today unveiled the first official remix of his recent single “The Impact”, tapping Mercer for a ‘Neo-Disco’ Remix that does not disappoint. Repurposing elements of the original track including the iconic speech for famed animal scientist Jane Goodall, Mercer has blended Cerrone’s revitalized disco sound with his own more EDM-inspired production, for a remix that will surely invigorate dancefloors across the globe.

Mercer, like Cerrone, is French, and a member of DJ Snake’s Pardon My French collective, along with Malaa and Tchami. Fully embracing the recent resurgence of disco, he released his Neo Disco EP (including the great Monte Carlo, remixed by Tim Baresko) and Neo Disco 2 EP sequel over the past year, which were both met with universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. Mercer has been a huge fan of Cerrone’s since his early days growing up in France, and was the natural person to deliver the Neo-Disco remix of “The Impact”.

Listen 'The Impact (Mercer Neo Disco Remix)' :

Mercer shared some words about the honor of remixing Cerrone:

“I receive a lot of remix requests but was truly honored when I received one from Cerrone himself. I used to listen to his albums a lot when I was younger, he’s brought so much to disco and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and his work. His single “The Impact” is very spatial and cosmic, I liked the vibe and particularly these Supernature-inspired arpeggios. I wanted to give it something more punchy made for clubs”.

Also, Cerrone just shared another great remix, by Norwegian underground-figures Lindstrøm & Prins who deliver a 10 minute-cascade of loping galactic grooves and laser-beam sonics, via their cosmic rework.

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