Rising Duo Rosa Ama Unveils Soulful House Via ‘Ethers’

The multifaceted “Ethers” release features both a ‘Day Version’ and ‘Night Version’ of Rosa Ama’s song. The unique presentation is designed to complement the two different moods that embody the music. The Day Version is a slower more adult contemporary leaning single for listening during the day. And the Night Version is a faster more up-tempo single geared for DJs and dancing in the evening. Both cuts feature identical lyrics and showcase Rosa Ama’s dynamic songwriting and powerful production abilities.

Lyrically, “Ethers” is about deciding to do the right thing. As we go through life, we all have the opportunity to make different decisions and take different paths guided by the choices we make. “Ethers” questions how decisions can impact our future and the life we lead.

“Ethers” is the follow up to Rosa Ama’s debut release “Oku”. Their debut was released in July of 2019 on the French label imprint Kitsuné Records. It was featured in “Breaking Electronica” and “New Music Daily” on Apple Music along with early Spotify support from Martin Garrix.

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Rosa Ama is a collaboration between Berlin-based British songwriter David Harks and Belgian composer Vicente Milioto da Palma aka Vhyce. The two recently formed a studio-based production project that evokes the spirits of classic uplifting soulful house with a nod to contemporary disco and electronica. Both artists have a knack for creating emotive synth melodies, pulsating rhythms and stimulating bass coupled with a magical sense of lyricism. The duo craft a blissfully unique style that challenges genre norms and sits outside of traditional comfort zones while elevating listener’s imaginations.

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