Interview: Newcomer Highness Drops New Dance Anthem

London based DJ and producer Highness has released his new single, ‘I’m Gonna Do’. The single arrives after his debut ‘See About Me’, which gained radio support from BBC Radio 1 with dance music tastemaker Pete Tong championing the single from release.

Having spent the majority of the last decade travelling around the world playing parties and shows under his royal alias, Highness felt it was high time to turn his music passion into making records. Working on his studio craft relentlessly for a couple of years, the 26-year-old producer honed his production across a diverse sound of mo-town, swing and rock inspired house that he recognisably blends across his sets into his own music.

Now armed with a small catalogue of releases set to dominate dancefloors across this Summer, ‘I’m Gonna Do’ is sure to make him a remembered name across the dance industry and is out now via Polydor. On the occasion, Sidekick Music had a chance to sit down with Highness to discuss his just-out release, music, and more..

Hey Highness, such pleasure to meet you ! Up & rising newcomer with (only!) two singles on hand, we’d love to hear more about you. Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Good to meet you Sidekick. I’m Highness and I’m from London. I’ve been a DJ for 15 years and moved into the production world  more the past 6 years.

You traveled for a long time, already under your ‘royal’ alias, playing parties & gigs around the globe. What made you decide to finally start making music ?

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I find  it was better way to be more creative and develop my sound and brand. Sometimes you don’t just want to play other people’s records !

You’re branded by your crown, can you tell us what’s the story behind it ?

My name is actually Charles and when I asked a designed to take a look at the logo he went with the Crown as I guess my name holds a royal connection. I loved the crown idea, but didn’t feel Charles was strong enough for my brand so Highness came out of that !

Back to Music : You’ve made a great impression with the recently-out ‘I’m Gonna Do’. What’s your recipe to cook these catchy treats ? Any inspirations ?

It’s hard to get the balance between the underground and commercial sound, it’s alway what I try and achieve in my tunes. Cooking these treats eh… Think like a good recipe you have to keep it simple with not too many elements but making the elements that are there at a very high quality !

What are your future plans for the rest of the year ? Any upcoming music you can tell us about ?

Writing a lot at the moment with some great artists. Nearly finishing up my 3rd single… Also have a club record coming out this Summer with a big name, but can’t say who right now…

Last but not least, what single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ ?

My own parties are always my favourites. They are called ‘Subjects’  and run regularly in London. I get to curate and design the whole night, who wouldn’t love to do that ?

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As an attendee ?

A Sunday at Space (now Hii) in Ibiza for my 18th Birthday was the most memorable night out of music I’ve ever had. The party started at 12 in the afternoon until 12 the next day and I don’t think I stopped dancing the whole 24 hours. It changed my whole outlook on dance music.

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