Interview: Coldabank Kicks Off 2020 With Groovy ‘Afterlife’

Bristol-born DJ, producer and singer Coldabank kicks off the new decade with his new single ‘Afterlife’… and no doubts about that, it’s truly one of a kind!

A garage-tinged House cut, ‘Afterlife’ combines an infectious synthesised organ riff with a steady drum groove, plus Coldabank’s own effortless vocals. The result is an astounding future dance anthem, and the perfect follow-up to August’s ‘Take Me Back’.

Listen 'Afterlife':

For the occasion, Sidekick Music had the chance to know a bit more about this huge release alongside an exclusive Interview, to discuss music and find out about what is to come from Coldabank in the next couple of months. All is below!

Hi Joachim! First of all, can you tell us more about Coldabank?

Hey! So yeh the name comes from a house my dad grew up in. I always liked the sound of it, and just decided to run with it when I first started releasing stuff. I’m a music artist from Bristol, living in London who sings, writes and produces melodic dance songs.

You’ve just released ‘Afterlife’ recently, catchy title! What’s the story behind it?

Haha thanks. It was basically written about a whirlwind relationship I had coming off the back of a big break up, and breakdown if I’m honest. It was intense, but in a broader sense the song captures feeling alive again after a pretty dark time and that was something to celebrate. I wrote the song with my friends Mike Kintish and TCTS. They basically sat me down and gave me therapy in the studio until this awesome song started pouring out, I loved their approach cos it meant we made something very honest and real.

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Coldabank Press Photo

What’s your creative process for making music? Maybe do you have some tips to share?

In years gone by I used to work alone a lot. There is some merit to that, especially when you’re developing, but recently I am a huge fan of collaboration. I find that when you work with others ideas form more quickly and you are challenged and pushed in new directions. I don’t have a set process, but I usually want some kind of strong musical riff or chord pattern going and then some interesting melodies or phrases start to fall out of my mouth, then I know I have a good vibe going.

What are next month’s highlights for you, any releases ahead? Maybe touring plans?

There is an awesome club remix of Afterlife in the pipeline by Illyus & Barrientos, so that’ll be really exciting to share. I’ve recorded a stripped back, chill out version too, which shows it in a softer light. I have also been busy writing songs for other artists and working up future Coldabank singles so basically lots of new music in the coming months!

Last but not least, what single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ? And as an attendee?

As a DJ that has to be playing the Amnesia terrace in Ibiza back when I was tour DJ for an artist called Labrinth. Such an iconic room!

As a punter, I went to the closing night of legendary London club Turnmills, where Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers both played absolutely blinding DJ sets, that’ll always be tough to beat for me.

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