That’s Nice Returns With MRY & Brilliant Disco/Pop Single

After a little hiatus, Mexican producer That’s Nice returns this week with new single ‘No Denyin’, an intriguing blend of synth pop & disco influence featuring Los Angeles artist MRY.
‘No Denyin’ was created in the early days with the intention of writing for another artist, before utilising various different realms of music to deliver a depth defying piece of music for himself.

That’s Nice hosts our Sidekick Story today, with a few words about his Disco-Pop gem :

" The song started out as a remix I was doing for an artist. The track wasn't coming together because the vocals weren't working so I decided to turn it into an original song. At first, I wanted to get a DuTonc disco vibe, but the song went in another direction. I started adding different sounds and experimenting. It was really fun mixing synth pop/sawtooth wave synths (a la CHVRCHES) without losing my style. I’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future. ”

With an intensified soundscape filled with buzzing synths, charismatic guitars and tenacious drums, That’s Nice serves up a lively and colourful mix that sets the stage for the enigmatic vocals of MRY to deliver the relatable message of determination in an upbeat way.

“I definitely feel like I live the 1st verse on repeat. This is all about perseverance and sticking to your guns.”, added MRY about the track.

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