Barcelona-Based Duo ABC Dialect Discusses ‘Magic’

Barcelona-based duo, Abc Dialect released in May their single “Magic”, the first part of their just-out EP Real Life, out on the Casablanca Sunset label.

Highlighted by funky synthesizers, glistening keys, clean guitar chords, and enchanting flute, “Magic” showcases the group’s harmonically bright production. As the song progresses, the listener is guided by sensual melodic vocals, punchy rhythmic tendencies and up-beat live electronic instrumentation. All of which evoke a sense of smooth laidback euphoria. Also, the track is accompanied by a nostalgic 90’s-retro style music video.

About the track, the duo adds in Sidekick Story :

"Lyrically, "Magic" is about feeling stuck and committed to a life that is not working anymore. And before losing faith completely, love or "magic" is found and faith is restored. The song was inspired by the idea that many people are waiting for something to happen in their life. But it's more about your expectations and how you perceive reality. And once you find love or "magic" in life, all can change. While the song is not necessarily intended to be a love song, some of lyrics can easily be interpreted as a love story between two people. The interpretation is open."

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