ZENDR Discusses ‘Simply No Better’ In Sidekick Story

#SidekickStory time ! What about a jazzy day with ZENDR ? 😎🎺
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November 30th has seen another new single from ZENDR land through Absent Mind. Having made his debut with the label with ‘Skin Deep’ ft. Jessica Wilde, the London based artist now serves up Simply No Better, created with James Chatburn.

"Really hyped with the way ‘Simply No Better’ turned out with James Chatburn. Not only has it got this real upbeat funk/soul vibe to it with elements of Anderson .Paak & Outkast, but it also induced sudden bursts of Drake-inspired dance moves that were flaunted in the studio along the way! Regular exercise is definitely key when you are sat in a studio all day making music, so this track was a win/win: good vibes and lowered cholesterol levels !"

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