LA-Based Artist Cherokee Unveils Brilliant ‘Long Distance’

Cherokee – real name Dorian Miche – returns with a long-anticipated EP “Californism” independently released and produced by the artist himself. This new instalment features four new original songs that offers listeners a seemingly perfect blend of pop and funk sonorities, disco-funk and French house, and even a soft and intimate R&B ballad. Cherokee features vocals from artists he has met along the project’s path, including Korean pop artist YESEO, on the magnificent ‘Long Distance’.

"I wanted to have a romantic and sweet ballad featured in my new EP Californism and while writing the EP I was touring a lot. While I was in Asia I met with YESEO in Seoul, South Korea. We were playing on the same night, she was actually opening for me and her live show was really good. She shared with me her work and I eventually asked her if she would be down to sing on an instrumental I had ready for the new EP. 'Long Distance' is about a long distance relationship between two people from different countries and cultures and how they manage to stay together and nurture the love they feel for each other."

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