Marble Empire Leads Our Weekly Sidekick Story

It’s not too late to listen this Marble Empire‘s gem, thanks to #SidekickStory ! 💎
👉 Stream here:

"This song was the first one written from the mixtape. It details a break up I'd just come out of and thought it would be appropriate to get some female vocals on it along with my own. The drum samples and synths have kind of a retro feel which wasn't intentional but works for the song."

“I started producing music as Marble Empire about 3 years ago and have been with my manager for around two. I’ve always played instruments and came to production a bit later when I was about 17/18. I really enjoy blending genres together and trying to make a song sound like it is my own composition no matter the genre. In the past I have always just sung on the tracks myself but recently it came about that I wanted to branch out a bit and do more collaborations – it’s been really fun putting all the songs for my most recent release together. Myself and Natalie actually knew each other as children and we attended primary school together and later re-met at college. A year or so after that I just got in contact to get her on a track and Throw Away was the product of that.”

Marble Empire Press Pic
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