Christina Aguilera x Kate Stewart

Discovery of the week, and what a find ! London based singer Kate Stewart magnified Christina Aguilera ‘s famous “Can’t Hold Us Down”.
Moods on the other hand made this cover golden, as everything he produces recently, such as his latest Album. Making this #3 in the ‘KS Anthems’, a collection of Kate’s favourite classic tunes reworked with talented new producers. 

Kate Stewart :

“A few years ago I had an idea to refix some of my favourite tunes and put them out as a project called KS Anthems. This Christina track has always been one of my favourites and I had to include it into the mixtape. I grew up listening to Christina, but I was keen to take this tune and make it my own. I recored the vocal acapella and sent it over to a producer called Moods, he captured exactly the type of feel I wanted to portray with my version”.

Remembering Christina Aguilera 's original, taking us way back to 2002:

So, Oldschool or Newschool ?

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