WaTa Unveils Sultry Electro-Chill Tune ‘Desert’

In the wake of his Inner City Blues EP (supported in Spotify’s NMFX-Over ジャズ! playlists..), ‘One-to-Watch’ artist WaTa jusr released Desert’, a sensational introduction to his forthcoming EP On My Way.

Released on February 11th via Sidekick Music‘Desert’ sees the Hungarian DJ & producer at his finest; combining mesmerizing synths, ambient sounds, and oh-so catchy percussions “a la WaTa”, with a hint of UK underground influences. Nothing but unique.

Tamas (WaTa) explains “I didn’t know how to categorize this sound so I came up with the genre ‘hipster tropical’ for myself. Not sure if this term exists but I think it’s spot on!”. He pursues “Exploring a new sound is always a huge inspiration for me. Finding the tone of ‘On My Way’ made me finish almost all the instrumental parts of the EP in a couple of weeks”.

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