TOBY’s Sun-Kissed Anthem ‘Aint It’ ft Chelsea Warner

Introducing TOBY – a skillful producer hailing from the sunny shores of the Gold Coast, Australia. TOBY’s musical repertoire is a fusion of electrifying beats and euphoric melodies, drawing parallels to a sonic blend reminiscent of Kaytranada’s groove, Flume’s innovation, and SG Lewis‘s finesse. As the anticipation mounts, TOBY has been immersed in creative endeavors, curating a treasure trove of fresh compositions primed for unveiling in the upcoming months. Setting the tone for this exciting journey is his latest creation, ‘Aint It’. This vibrant single exudes a summery aura, capturing the essence of sun-soaked days and carefree vibes. To elevate the sonic experience, TOBY enlists the enchanting vocal prowess of Sydney’s own singer-songwriter Chelsea Warner, whose golden tones seamlessly intertwine with the uplifting rhythms, creating a harmonious soundscape that beckons listeners to embrace the warmth of the season.

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“I initially started writing this song in mid-2020 during the height of the Covid lockdown. A few months later I decided to share it with Chelsea to see if she’d be interested in doing some vocals for it. I’ve always thought she had an incredible voice and I thought she would be the perfect fit.

Both Chelsea and I were really into the bouncy RnB style at the time with Kaytranada being at the top of the inspiration. After sending each other various versions over Instagram, we eventually landed on the final version by the end of that year.

Unfortunately, following this I had an issue with my hard drive and I lost the majority of its contents, but thankfully I found I had actually backed-up the final mix mp3 file somewhere else, so I did end up with a copy of what we had created.

I unearthed the project again this year and decided I wanted to just get it out into the world. We both loved the track so much and I would probably say it’s my favourite song that I’ve produced so far – fingers crossed it was worth the wait!” – TOBY

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