Cellz To Release Luxurious Single ‘short cut’ with Fred Red 

With warm synths, whistling leads and enticing vocal performances, ‘short cut’, the new track from Cellz and Fred Red is written to allure with mystery and romanticism. The drums are gentle, with an almost Lo-Fi feel to them, providing a simple drive to the track where the intertwining melodies can glow. Layers of vocals expand to create a rich atmosphere, spinning from left to right with an ethereal presence as new harmonies are built into the music.

We also see Cellz’s skills on the saxophone, as he litters beautiful melodies that sparkle amongst the noise with warmth and poise. The production is clean, perfectly building into the final moments where we are dropped into a new beat, giving you a sense of moving on from what you’ve just heard, there was the moment, did you catch it?

Listen to 'short cut' here:

Cellz shares on the track, “I think we managed to create something elegant yet gangster and I’m so glad I finally got to work with Fred Red.”

Munich-based singer-songwriter and saxophone talent Cellz first began to bring his vision to life in 2020. Recording and performing in a DIY fashion, he delivers fresh perspectives to melodies and writing, with immersive and heartwarming vocals. His saxophone parts are always unparalleled, fleshing out his track with distinctive and seamless counter melodies.

Live, he brings his upbringing around German Hip-Hop, showing his versatility. Across his time as an artist he has worked with internationally renowned producers such as Fatbabs (France), Depart (Turkey) and Blue Glass (Antigua), with each new track gaining further tastemaker attention.

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Berlin based producer and DJ Fred Red crawled out of his lab in the early 2020s with ear-peaking singles and remixes followed by his debut album ‘Grimus’ together with vocalist Maura – which got released on the established German Label “Sichtexot” in 2021 .

With his inimitable sound design and unique percussion style, Fred Red embellishes all of his productions, creating a distinctive signature sound. The releases of the producer blend an array of genres, taking you on a journey from progressive beats to softly brushed jazz and sophisticated pop music while never missing the sonic spirit.

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