Tim Green Is Back With A Captivating New EP

Esteemed producer and beloved artist among All Day I Dream fans, Tim Green, has made a comeback on Lee Burridge‘s renowned label, presenting an EP brimming with captivating melodies. The EP, titled “The Night Is Blue”, comprises three enchanting tracks. The A side features the eponymous title track, while the B side includes “Gold of Gold” and “Jewel”. Tim Green consistently delivers top-notch music, and his latest release on All Day I Dream adds yet another phenomenal addition to his impressive discography.

Over the course of his 15-year career, Tim Green has showcased his expertise across a wide spectrum of electronic music. Initially gaining recognition with notable releases on Sven Vath’s Cocoon label, he later transitioned into a deeper, more melodic sound, which garnered him a devoted fan base. His outstanding remixes for artists like Paul McCartney, Ben Böhmer, Perry Farrell, and Mathew Jonson, as well as his introduction to the All Day I Dream family, were pivotal moments in his upward trajectory. Since 2020, Tim has released several EPs with the label, featuring iconic tracks such as ‘Tears’, ‘Vacation To Life’, and ‘Moss’.

The EP commences with its title track, where Tim sets the tone with a subtle rhythm, gradually building up the energy as various elements come into play. Above Tim’s expertly crafted foundation of clean and nuanced percussion, spacey pads, and a resonant bassline, a playful and carefree melody dances gracefully. During the track’s first breakdown, beautiful vocal samples are introduced, juxtaposing the tension within the instrumental as filters are applied. The final section of ‘The Night Is Blue’ brings forth euphoria, releasing the built-up tension, and allowing the lyrics to shine, creating an ecstatic experience. With this track, Tim establishes the melodic magic that awaits on the B side.

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Listen to 'The Night Is Blue' (EP):

Regarding the EP’s title track, Tim reveals: “I actually started writing ‘The Night is Blue’ on a plane! At least its core elements. Like the drums, leads, bassline, etc.  I was coming back from Dubai, from playing an All Day I Dream show with Lee Burridge the night before. I absolutely loved Lee’s set so much and the songs he was playing. I got super inspired and spent the whole seven hours writing the song. So it was always intended to be released on All Day I Dream, and feels happily full circle that it’s being released on the label!”

Fans will have the opportunity to experience Tim Green‘s enchanting tracks from “The Night Is Blue” during his summer tour in 2023. He will be performing alongside other All Day I Dream artists such as Sébastien Léger, Jim Rider, and Dim Kelly at All Day I Dream of Ibiza Magic parties on July 27 and September 14 at Cova Santa. Additionally, catch Tim at Stereo Bar in Montreal on July 23, Amber of the Moment in Funchal on July 29, and Bedrock in London on August 5, among many other dates across the globe.

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