Magsy Releases Indie Pop Tune ‘Truth Is’

Just a few weeks ago, Indie pop star Magsy debuted his first single of the year titled  ‘Noisy Mind’. The song has garnished over 52k views in less than a month and continues to receive a tremendous amount of support around the world. This month, the rising artist is back with his latest single “Truth Is”. Magsy’s passionate vocals over a plush instrumental of relaxing synths and groovy beats were a recipe for perfection. With each release, Magsy continues to prove why his talents should not be ignored.

Listen 'Truth Is' :

Born into a biracial family, Magsy has experienced questions of belonging and often felt isolated due to not neatly defined fitting into societal roles. Writing songs from the age of 14 enabled him to channel his thoughts and feelings with the desire to create music that accurately reflected his personal experiences. His undeniable talent accompanied by years of resilience and hard work is paying off with pivotal opportunities to hone his craft, from sessions in South Korea writing for K-Pop stars to collaborating with emerging talent in LA.  

He says about the track :

“I wrote TRUTH IS with some of the same friends who did NOISY MIND with me. I’m so grateful to have the collaborators that I do and that it allows a cohesiveness in the world this EP is creating. In TRUTH IS, I compare the thrill of street racing to the thrill of dating someone you know isn’t good for you. Excited to have this one out!”

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