Boris Way Returns With New House Hit ‘Gold’

After the success of his tracks “Walking Away” and “Pink Soldiers”, the French DJ / producer Boris Way is back with his new single “Gold”. This track featuring the British singer BANDANA marks a turning point in his career.

In addition to having composed the instrumental of this song, Boris Way also composed the vocal melody and co-wrote the lyrics for the first time.

Listen 'Gold :

This “Love House” song evokes a personal experience that resonates with each of us. “Gold” tells the story of a person who didn’t realize how lucky he was to be a part of someone else’s life, but when you have gold in your hands, you have to make sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers.

Melancholic and dancing, this track perfectly defines the musical style “Love House” created by Boris Way. More than a simple term, this music between slap house and organic house is both intimate through the use of acoustic instruments, but also resolutely “dance” thanks to the electronic productions of Boris Way. In terms of meaning, “Love House” will address the subject of relationship with its ups and downs, but more broadly, will aim to unite listeners around positive and universal messages.

More than a simple single, “Gold” is the first step in a rich and coherent project that you will have the opportunity to discover over the months.

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