Tally Schwenk & Mensing Release Electro Pop Track ‘Happy’

Hailing from both sides of the Atlantic – USA & Germany, Tally Schwenk & Mensing have strong collaboration and chemistry. After their previous joint works found great support by numerous independent curators, their 6th collaboration finds its home on Stereofox Records.

Tally is a singer & songwriter who had the opportunity to write for names like Jennifer Lopez, Tank and the Bangas, and Curtis Roach, as well as being featured on Curtis’s 2021 The Joy Tape. Mensing, on the other hand, is a versatile and skilled producer working in the fields of hip hop, r&b, electro-pop, and chillhop and having won the hearts of several Spotify editors (lofi beats, Butter, Jazz Rap & more).

Listen ‘Happy’:

“Happy stems from a real-life experience.” explains Tally. “In a world where others are bitter and will try to bring you down, it is imperative to remember what happiness really looks like. It is not fake and it is not spiteful… it is kind and empathetic.”

“Happy” swings between indie & electro pop and has a Soulection touch due to its captivating sampling, all topped up by intimate storytelling. A song about the importance of not holding grudges against people from your past and being “happy anyway” because life moves on.

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