Daigo Hanada Shares Delicate And Melodic Piano Record ‘Satori’

Japanese-born composer and pianist, Daigo Hanada shares his highly anticipated second full length record Satori on Montreal minimalist label Moderna Records.

Daigo’s delicate and melodic piano compositions have developed slowly in recent years due to a sudden and debilitating physical illness which has meant numerous trips to the hospital and prolonged periods of uncertainty. Through the numerous setbacks and challenges, Hanada has managed to find hope (or rather, ‘hope has found me’).

Listen ‘Satori’:

One note at a time, he has crafted his most vulnerable and heart wrenching work to date. This collection of 13 pieces capture memories and experiences from his struggles where light shone through the darkness, when optimism took the day. These memories are not glossed over or sugarcoated – Hanada intimately and openly steers us through his uncertainty and melancholy, all the while generously guiding us towards the light. As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic and numerous tragedies, Hanada has dedicated this music to ‘people who are going through pain and suffering’. The beautifully recorded piano acts as our principal story teller, accompanied here and there by the ethereal harmonies of a reed organ.

Speaking on the album and its writing process, Daigo explains:

"The core idea for the record started with the second track "Satori". I actually have no knowledge of chords and music theory, but as you can hear in the track, "Satori" is based on chords. It started with following my instinct to find the right sound when I was improvising the piece for the first time. Then I started seeing the whole picture for the record. "Shimmer In The Sky" is the sister of "Satori"; they share almost the same chords, then the whole record developed from those two tracks."

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