Leena Drop Stunning Neo-Soul/R&B LP ‘Labyrinth of the Subconscious’

Leena is one of the fast-growing names of the Bulgarian thriving r&b scene. UK-trained, she’s currently looking into moving to Berlin to explore new musical horizons.

The Bulgarian r&b singer oscillates between neo-soul and modern r&b. Influenced by the likes of Sabrina Claudio, FKA Twigs, Snoh Aalegra, her soulful vocal style and touching lyricism resemble a perfect balance between delicacy and presence.

Listen 'Labyrinth of the Subconscious' :

Built upon contrasts, the album offers a variety of genres and topics that will take you places you haven’t imagined – infused by both producers on the record – Gena & Kamen’s unique instrumental approaches. Be it the fresh & upbeat “Vertigo” and “Mad Dreams”, or “Body” with YAИА (another stunning local singer and vocal teacher) which falls somewhere between slow-dance and sultry r&b. Or the deep sci-fi-esque “Borrowed Time” and the emotional “Don’t Panic” (which will come with a hazy music video). Or you might fall in love with the FKA Twigs-like “Senses”, the indie-pop “Backlight”, or the closing ballad “Until The Morning”. Whatever you choose, you’ll enter an exciting rabbit hole through contemporary r&b, soul, and indietronica.

She explains : 

I’ve been on the path of self-awareness for quite some time now and I felt the need to get some of my thoughts out there with this album. I have had a little tour in my brain and have carefully explored some fears, desires, fantasies, and dreams I’ve had. The idea of the album is to represent the deep and chaotic place that the unconscious mind is. The songs are opening different drawers in the mind that explore different topics that weren’t well inspected by the conscious mind.

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