Synapson & Dominique Fils-Aimé Release ‘Stand Tall’

French electro-duo Synapson teamed up with singer-songwriter Dominique Fils-Aimé to share their brand new single ‘Stand Tall.

This one sees the duo craft a vibrant and colourful neo-soul groove-filled track driven by a Rhodes progression, deep-house inspired drum patterns and melodic guitar riffs, the whole featuring the gorgeous guest vocals from the Canadian singer and winner of the Vocal Jazz Album of the Year at Juno Awards of 2020, Dominique Fils-Aimé.

Listen 'Stand Tall' :

Dominique effortlessly weaves in and out of the instrumental, capturing listeners with her distinct vocal tone. Lyrically, the single focuses on themes of hope and change with Dominique sharing a speech in her native tongue during the breakdown of the instrumental.

The speech translates to “I really drew my inspiration from the emotions of black history that led to the birth of Jazz, and are linked to the revolution to create a message full of love and hope. I think it is important because even today, history continues to be written, moments of great violence, of closed-mindedness between humans, while in my opinion, we only advance from the moment where we unite, we appreciate, that we respect the richness of our plurality, and that we are stronger together.

Also, speaking on this new single, the Synapson described:

“When we listened to Dominique’s album, we really liked the intensity of “Tall Lion Down” which is an Interlude. We immediately imagined what our musical production could bring to her calm and powerful voice. It was by accident that we came across an interview of Dominique which echoed the theme of the song, so it seemed natural to us to add it to the song.”

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