YouGrow, The Platform To Get Organic Growth On Spotify

Organic Spotify Promotion, it’s really possible, just ask the team at YouGrow.

A common problem both independent artists and major labels face is cracking the Spotify algorithm. Even if you understand it, getting into algorithmic playlists is not easy if your song isn’t picked up by the editorial and user made playlists. The solution for most people is to try their hand at pitching to playlists but this is very time consuming and yields very limited results, if you get a reply.

This is exactly where the team at YouGrow comes in with their Spotify Promotion service. They work their way through the jungle that is playlist pitching for you so you can focus on what is important, making music. The way they work is by using their network of playlist curators and their expertise of the Spotify algorithm to find the best match for your song, with real and engaged listeners. By heavily screening and monitoring the curators they work with, they can ensure real and organic promotion that suits your needs and increases your chances to land in the algorithmic playlists.

The main difference between YouGrow and other, similar promotion services on the market is their communication. They’re very open and responsive and will support you throughout your campaign whenever you need them. This way, you really get to experience what it is like to have an experienced team of music promoters behind you.

A major concern that many people have when trying their hand in Spotify promotion is the following question, are the streams you’re getting from people or from bots? The sad reality is that many Spotify services do increase your streams, but with bots that listen for 30 seconds and then skip which ends up hurting the artist. YouGrow tackles this problem through the careful selection of curators they work with. They use several tools to track the growth and activity of the playlists from each curator to make sure they don’t have any unnatural spikes and that the people who listen to the music you submitted are actual people.

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Because they are confident in their abilities and network, they guarantee a range of streams in their campaign packages. They know how active each list is and how many streams each playlist will be able to organically generate for you. They put a range on their website since playlists do fluctuate in activity, but with hard work they always want the artists and labels they work with to understand what they are getting with each campaign.

YouGrow is a great solution for both individual artists and labels who are looking for organic Spotify promotion and want to feel supported and respected throughout their campaigns. If you’re thinking of using Spotify promotion through playlist pitching as part of your marketing campaign for your next release, you can feel confident that the YouGrow team will get you the results you’re looking for.