Tomode Tells Personal Stories Through Indie Disco Debut EP “Synergy”

Swedish funk pop duo Tomode is now releasing debut EP “Synergy” through French indie label Riptide Records, marking the arrival of their new type of genre-crossing, synth-drenched funk pop inspired by 70’s disco.

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“Synergy” is an emotive five-track journey into the duo’s indie disco stratosphere, infusing personal stories of trust, anguish and naivety with shimmering synths and lush guitars. The Stockholm-based duo, consisting of Carl Leandersson and Viktor Westerberg, describes the collection as a musical coming-of-age story, highlighting – as the title implicates – themes like unity and identity:

“With this EP, we tried to create something deeply personal, yet current. The same way that we gravitate towards a timeless sound, we also tend to gravitate towards feelings that are timeless and universal. From that paralyzing feeling of being strung up and needing someone to help you come down to putting your trust in someone new – or simply daring to believe in yourself. Through our own stories of finding unity with others, we also found unity in our creative process.” explains the duo about the EP.

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