French Talent AxMod Shares Brand New EP ‘Hidden Figures’

Supported by high profiles such as Bolier, Brooks or Sam Feldt, and seen on ClubbingTV, French DJ & Producer AxMod now returns with his Hidden Figures EP – via Sidekick Music

Renewing with his Classical Music roots, the ensemble triggers an emotional journey from happy days to deeper thoughts, in a very melodic fashion and orchestrated with grandeur.


Listen 'Hidden Figures EP' :

AxMod explains “Hidden figures is an EP that took a while to build because the purpose was to find new sonorities. I ended up with a good balance between my foundations in classical music and house music that has been around me the last few years. I wanted to be a literal bandmaster behind my computer by using as much acoustic and orchestral sounds as possible.”

He also details : “The EP was built so the listener falls crescendo into that universe. The tracks go from happy house music to a deeper and darker atmosphere. They tell the story of a cheerful man (Hidden Figures) becoming more and more melancholic with time (Sound of Brass). Then comes hope with the next blissfull track (Reminiscence) to end on an explosive note (Wolfpack).”

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