Top 10 Best PR Agencies For Your Music Promotion

The main focus of the artist should be to create and how to make the best music they can. But artist promotion is crucial in the quest of a break out and often challenging to conceive a promotion strategy and how to get their music out there for the world to discover.

Music only lives when heard, that’s why it is key in an artist’s career to promote their art in the best possible way. By creating a promotion strategy, a PR agency can help you identify and reach a targeted audience. Once the PR agency has created a press list and determined what type of editors and writers artists are looking for, they’re going to transform their client’s art into good, newsworthy stories. This tailored promotion strategy is aiming at acquiring attention on the radio, TV and online media.

It’s crucial for an artist who wants a stronger presence. But which one will fit your project ? Sidekick Music suggests you 10 PR agencies.

👇Top 10 Best PR Agencies For Your Music Promotion :

1. Comtazic


As a Music Promotion/PR Agency, Comtazic provide 360 solutions offering digital/print press campaigns, creative services, but Streaming Promotion as well – sharing your music to a wide range of curators.

2. Infectious PR


Founded in Bristol, Infectious is a Marketing agency that worked with some of the world’s biggest talent in Pop, Dance and HipHop. Thanks to a global network of more than a thousand medias, they helped creating impactful and meaningful marketing and PR campaigns for their clients.

3. Different Sauce


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Different Sauce is all-round creative agency that focuses in working with up and coming artists and connecting them with influential journalists, playlist curators and tastemakers in the music industry.

Their performance-based payment structure create very strong and transparent relations with their artist and label partners who are only charged when they achieve the goals and performance of the campaigns.

4. Feathered Friend Media


Former musician, Robin knows everything about the struggle an artist encounters when you have to promote your music. He found himself a passion for creative writing and press relations.

By creating Feathered Friend Media, Robin wants to help new artists on the come up and craft them a suitable PR campaign. His activity now extend to digital ad campaign and playlist services.

5. Infamous PR


Starting over a decade ago with small and independent artists, Infamous has grown to become an important and established PR Agency and works today with  notorious names in the electronic and urban genres.

Their clients ranges from independent and big artists, entertainment industry clients and record labels, large and small, and thanks to their ranges of partners and media, they’ll craft an appropriate marketing and PR strategy that will work for your profile and goals to give you the exposure you deserve.

6. Listen Up


Listen Up aims is a 360 PR agency that will provide you an access to a variety of medias such as radio, playlists, press and much more. 

One of the best PR agency out there, their large experienced team will maximize your growth potential by providing specialized marketing and PR services. Whether it is an album, tour, single, label or residency, they can provide a campaign tailored to your needs.

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7. Mammal Sounds


Being mainly a record label, Mammal Sound focuses on establishing their clients’ projects in the music scene. Their different services offers artist a way to have their story told the best way possible through adequate biographies, distribution or captivating press releases

8. Additive PR


Specialized in Dance and electronic music, Additive Music PR (founded by Greg Sawyer) and its 10 years experience in the music industry has built campaigns for Pete Tong, Gorgon City, MK or Frankie Knuckles among others.

Additive PR can arrange premieres, mixes, playlist features, artist interviews, event previews and many other promotional features. They’ll create meaningful Press Releases that will reach key journalists, and blogs for reviews.

9. 3feethi


Operating in Berlin, London and New York, 3feethi is an international music plateform, focusing on Live and Press Relations.

Following their motto : “connecting good music and good people”, they create impactful campaigns linking talented artists to digital and offline medias throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

10. Sliding Doors


In the music industry, media coverage is everything. An artist needs to get the word out in advance about a his music, an upcoming single or a special event. One of the 10 best PR firms for artists and bands in the music industry is definitely Sliding Doors.

They’re an experienced, creative and well-connected PR company. Experts in both print and online PR, Sliding Doors have planned and executed many successful campaigns in the areas of music and fashionable tech.