Top 5 Spotify Music Promotion Services: Get Real Streams

Most independent musicians realize that it can take some time, sometimes longer than anticipated, to grow and build your brand. Being patient is part of the process of building your organic following. 

However, it would be helpful for you to research and locate other ways of using promotional services. Spotify Music Promotion is an excellent source to use as a stepping stone to assist you in the organic growth you need to obtain loyal listeners of your music.  

It would help you as a musician to approach Spotify’s music promotion as an extra boost alongside your other marketing initiatives, strategies, and campaigns. Spotify music promotion services are an excellent source for obtaining organic growth, networking, and developing a fanbase with effective SEO, deterring traffic from buying fake streams, and finding more streams of revenue that are untapped.

Top 5 Spotify Music Promotion Services: Get Real Streams

Knowing how to boost your Spotify plays is a widely competitive field within the music industry. Artist promotion has become a valuable resource for musicians trying to break out. However, it is vital to know all of the Spotify artist promotions that you have proper access to optimize your success with this music streaming service. 

Some of these services charge a fee, but you should work to invest in this method of music marketing if you believe in your songs so that you can reach more listeners and effectively grow your fanbase. In any case, you can still submit your music to Spotify curators for free; including Sidekick – if you have a track, a new release or an EP that’s perfect for one of our playlists, please submit to your desired one on our Submission page.

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Providing other places you can guide and monetize your listeners, such as utilizing a link shortener for your YouTube chisel, are helpful when promoting your music with Spotify music promotion service. Using alternate places online where you can direct listeners to purchase or view you elsewhere may help offset and provide you with a return from the investments you funnel into Spotify promotions. 

Keep in mind that no two services are exactly alike. Look in-depth and do some research on each one of these that you feel could work in your favor, and make sure to address the anticipated results for yourself so that you can choose the best promotion to utilize for your music.

We have researched and collected information on the best Spotify Music Promotions Services to offer excellent, organic growth promotion for your music. Here’s our Top 5.

👇Top 5 Spotify Music Promotion Services:



Empower your music career with  360 promotion campaigns, connecting you with top industry advocates. Stand out, reach new fans, and achieve your goals cost-effectively.

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2. Playlist Push

Submission link:

Playlist Push is a music pitching service that helps artists or small record labels to get their music heard by Spotify playlist curators, and YouTube influencers as well.

Also, enjoy a discount code for your upcoming campaign: YG35WLT

3. Sound Campaign

4. Submithub

SubmitHub is an easy way to share songs with music bloggers, record labels, radio stations, Spotify playlisters and YouTube or SoundCloud channels.

5. Musosoup

Submission link:

Mososoup allows you to submit to the best Spotify playlists – but also stations, podcasts, influencers & more – wether you’re an artist, a manager or a record label. You will be able to speak to the curators directly to accept, decline or discuss the offers that they make to you.