Top 10 Spotify Playlist Curators You Can Submit For Free

Today, a Spotify playlist can break the success of a song.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, or simply a fan of the genre, EDM has solidified its place in the hearts and playlists of many. With new trends and subgenres constantly appearing, more and more EDM blogs have started to surface online.

In this article, we’re going to present to you the top 10 EDM media & blogs to stay up to date with news related to the genre, as well as enrich your EDM knowledge.

👇Top 10 Spotify Playlist Curators to contact


Submission link: favors independent music & artists. Feel free to submit your song to a wide range of playlists, from different genres, to promote your tracks on Spotify and boost your streams.

2 . MySphera

Submission link:

MySphera helps musicians reach new audiences through a roster of +3000 content creators. They offer unique promotional campaigns, where they connect each song to the most relevant creators from their vast roster – helping music get featured on Playlists, Social Media, Blog Posts and more.

3. Playlister Club

Submission link:

Playlister Club is home to the largest community of pre-vetted independent playlisters (over +55,000 playlists with +60 Million combined followers). Their unique discovery process (no submissions) allows playlisters to interact with music they actually like, which means more meaningful interactions for your music and better conversion to real fans!

You can sign up via the link above to access a free evaluation period (24h).


4. Studio Track

5. Indiemono

Submission link:

Indiemono is focused in Spotify Playlists & the discovery of new talent, indie bands and artists.

6. Daily Playlists

Submission link:

Daily Playlists regroups independent Spotify Playlists, updated regularly with new music & reviews.

7. Soave Records

Submission link:

Soave Records is a dutch label & blog sharing new music daily, with mainly summer feels.


8. Simon Field

Submission link:

Simon Field is a Deep House producer based in Oslo, Norway. He curates one of the largest independent playlists for electronic music.

9. Hits Spots

Submission link:

Their playlists also cover a wide-range of playlists, that are constantly growing. You can submit music for them to consider via the form their playlist description.

10. Sick Tunes

Submission link:

Sick Tunes runs a series of playlists of all kind and all mood, with dance, funk & chill tracks. If you’re a music producer, make sure to submit with your best tracks.

11. Fire Tune

Submission link:

Sick Tunes manages an array of playlists for every mood, encompassing dance, funk, and chill tracks. If you’re in the music production business, don’t forget to send in your top tracks.

12. Hype Hits

Submission link:

Their playlist selection is not only expansive but also constantly evolving. You can propose your music for their consideration through the submission form found in their playlist description.

13. Tune Vibe

14. Rapify

Submission link:

Rapify runs a series of playlists of urban styles and  mood, with Rap, Hip Hop tracks. If you’re a music producer, make sure to submit with your best tracks.


15. Planet Chill

Submission link:

Planet Chill constantly update their playlist with the freshest and chillest tracks for any occasion or mood, such as Morning and Latenight chill, and even Poolside Chill.

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