John Linhart Reveals Stunning Electro-Pop LP ‘It’s On Me’

When EDM meets a powerful voice, John Linhart is never far away…

Following critically-acclaimed singles ‘Every Time’, ‘Wide Awake’ as foretastes, the multi-talented French singer now discloses his full debut album ‘It’s On Me’ – in the wake of the eponym-track release, on April 23.

Watch 'It's On Me' Music Video :

Having multiplied collaborations last year with artists like AxMod (‘Addicted’ & I Imagined You’) or Vilda (‘Belongs to You’) on Sidekick Music, and Djs like It’s Benzzo or Skulljom with Spanish label Blanco y Negro, John also crafted this first LP on which he surrounds himself with several talented artists from the Electro-Pop area, such as Seth XVI or Mat  Hours.

The album offers a perfect blend of John Linhart’s wide range of influences.. and that’s brilliant. 

To sum up: a spicy cocktail guaranteed.

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