Promising Artist Juno Mamba Delivers Melodic ‘Flicker’

Melbourne-based DJ, producer & musician Juno Mamba announced his debut EP with the arrival of ‘Light Echoes’ through cult Australian label Soothsayer, and pre-empt the release with a brand new leftfield electronic track named ‘Flicker’.

Written and produced entirely by himself, Vinci says: “The process of creating Light Echoes ended up being a journey of self-discovery. Trying to get an understanding of the world; past, present and future, and how I see myself fitting within this landscape has always been a constant struggle. How can I contribute positively to this world and what do I want to leave behind?”.

A relatively new artist to the uninitiated, Juno Mamba creates dystopian soundscapes that pull the listener in with each listen. Taking cues from similar artists such as Bonobo, Four Tet and Floating Points, however, fully his own beast, each composition is a journey within itself. From the musical intricacies of lead single ‘Flicker’, or the rolling immediacy of the club-ready ‘Blossom’, each track comes with a purpose and fulfils that purpose in totality. Throughout the EP, there is a common theme of emotion.

Conceived from uncertainty and wanting to be embraced, Juno Mamba is as much about experimenting with the unknown as it is about finding purpose with the familiar. It’s not from a controlled setting, it has no limitations, it’s unrestricted, there is no predisposition and it’s ready to be consumed.  

The ambiguity can seem vast or obscured, but the feeling is with the listener. If it’s life or death, new or old, beginning or the end, let it take you on journey and hope it doesn’t end.

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