Brey Drops ‘Getaway Car’ On Cosmic Wire With BLAZAR & BJ Klock Remix

Dark. Heartening. Slamming.

Singer, songwriter and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Brey, debuts on Cosmic Wire with a no nonsense single, ‘Getaway Car’. Addressing the underbelly of society riddled with mental illness, Brey pumps empowering vocals to help escape inner demons over a driving beat.

Listen 'Getaway Car' :

‘Getaway Car’ warps into the electro pop spectrum with synth work from the award-winning songwriter and Cosmic Wire label head, BLAZAR. 

For the B-side of the release the label co-founder, expert growth-hacker and electronic music producer, BJ Klock presses his first Cosmic Wire record and collaboration with BLAZAR for the introspective remix of ‘Getaway Car’. BJ Klock brought the guitar melody while BLAZAR added his signature vocal work, retro soundscapes, courtesy of the Juno-6 and JX-3p and movement with old school, analog 808 drums.

Listen 'Getaway Car' (Remix):

Brey shares, “having hit some of my lowest moments in life with these mental health issues, I really wanted to capture those raw emotions of what it’s like living with these issues through lyrics such as, ‘I’m dodging daggers through my mind’s minefield.’ By sharing ‘Getaway Car’ with people, I wanted to give the message of hope and escape. That where you may be, isn’t where you have to stay”. 

BLAZAR comments on the remix, “I love dichotomies in music. I wanted it to be this laid back kind of organic lounge-ish type of vibe; more “in your head” than the hit the pavement driven and linear path of the original. This song really has a special place in my heart being the co-writer with Aubrey on the track. It was a ton of fun to re-imagine”.

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