Aussie Artist Skarma Offers Dreamy Atmospheric Gem ‘Touch’

Sam Whitmore is an Australian producer who goes by the name Skarma, where he creates dreamy atmospheric dance music that can be likened to a mix between Petit Biscuit, Shallou and Two Lanes.  

He just shared his latest single ‘Touch’, which is a beautifully euphoric song that is very easy to get lost in with its pulsing hypnotic beat, airy synths, twinkling pianos and scattered angelic vocal samples. It is the perfect soundtrack for those nostalgic daydreaming moments.

Listen 'Touch' :

While the song has a warm positive vibrance, it was actually written during a rough time for Sam and is a portrayal of that emotional journey, but he was also inspired by the wonders of the Australian outdoors and that inherent openness is certainly something you can feel throughout this song…

He explains: “I produced this song during a rough time in the summer break but working from my home studio in Bungendore (NSW) amongst the nature and wildlife is always an inspiring environment for me.

‘Touch’ is much more of an emotional journey than my previous songs, moving from melancholy and complex emotions of sadness to hope and appreciation for life. I want people to be able to listen to this no matter what mood they are in and to feel that no matter where they are, life has purpose and joy”.

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