Belgian Veteran Poldoore Reveals Chillhop Gem ‘Shade’

“Shade” turns mid-winter melancholy on its head with an aura of Chillhop inspiration. A collage of musicality and crisp Hip Hop vibes bring a glowing warmth for the pitch dark; shade for the sweltering sun. The Chillhop state is laid down by a true veteran, Belgian producer Poldoore, who’s proven his voice in the worlds of sample-based instrumentals, heavy-hitting electro hip Hop, ambient Chillhop and beyond.

Listen 'Shade' :

Thomas Schillebeeckx AKA Poldoore hops on Stereofox Records for the first time with a track he found a flow state in. Despite his meticulous workflow, “Shade” was tracked over the course of two days and is packed with colorful instrumentals, warm synth production and Hip Hop drums that move us forward.

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